Below are the Links to the ITTF Rules and Regulations.

1. ITTF Handbook

Club Rules For Finals (must be strictly adhered to)

Substitute Players in Finals

For a substitute player to be eligible, he/she must:

  • Be from the same grade and of a similar standard. Must not be participating in finals that same night.
  • May come externally and must have played at least twice for that team during the season and be of a similar standard
  • May also come from the grade below and not be participating in finals that same night.
    Original team members do not need to play a certain amount of matches to qualify for finals.

All the above are determined by the pennant supervisor

If it is deemed that the above is not followed, then the substitute players’ results will not be accepted by the score recorder.

Finals Nights are played until a team has won the night, ie first team to get 5 sets.

Normal Pennant Night

Matches are played as best of 5 games until 10.00pm. any match that starts after 10.00pm will be scored as best of 3 – no exceptions to this rule.