Monday Nights

Monday Night @ Sunshine Table Tennis is Pennant Night.  The Competition is graded into 4 sections, A1, A2, A3 & A4. All teams are graded by the committee to ensure a fair and even competition.

Teams are made up of 3 players, which normally play 3 singles matches against an opposing team – all games are up to 11, playing best of 5. Sunshine & District Table Tennis Assoc follows all ITTF rules and is an affiliated club of Table Tennis Victoria. To play at Sunshine you must also be a registered member of Table Tennis Victoria, this usually costs $110.00 for pennant play or $90 for juniors/concession care holders. 

If you choose to play both Monday and Wednesday, you get the second night at a discounted price.

Fees for Monday night pennant are $90.00 per season for adults and $55.00 per season for concession and juniors under 18.

Hours of Operation:

7.00pm – approx 10.15pm – We generally finish earlier, but require some time to pack the tables and barriers away in the store room.

Below are some rules that we should adhere to:

NO BAD BEHAVIOR    Specifically –

  • ·    Swearing
  • ·    Thumping the table with bat and fist
  • ·    Bat throwing
  • ·    Barrier abuse
  • ·    Ball abuse
  • ·    Bullying

The association will not tolerate ugly confrontation, physical, verbal or otherwise. We are all here to have Fun

When arriving at the centre, please try and warm up on the Table you will be playing on. Please stack chairs against the back wall at the end on the night.

The duty manager or committee members will under no circumstances be abused. When you are advised that it is pack up time, please help by putting away the equipment, and leave the building in a respectable fashion.

All Fees are to be paid by the 3rd night of the season starting – a receipt will always be issued.

If you would like to play our competition on a Monday Night or be a fill in, please let Alan know on 0433 660 129 or via email

Any match that starts after 10.00pm shall be played as Best of 3, the only exception is Finals