Harmony Cup

We wish to inform club members that there is another team event being held on Saturday 21st October from 9am to 5pm at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre – 33 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park.

It is an inaugural event called Harmony Cup and there is a total prize money of $5,000+ available to players. It is jointly organised by the Melbourne Table Tennis Association and Yundeng Asian Chamber of Commerce.

TEAM (round robin) event:

Held at MSAC from 9am-5pm on Saturday 21st October

Each team consists of 5 players with ONE FEMALE player

INDIVIDUAL (round robin) events:

Held at MSAC from 9am-5pm on Sunday 22nd October

Singles competition divided into: Boys Under 15’s; Men’s 16-40 years; Men’s 41-65 years; Men’s Over 65 years, Ladies Open group and a Para event

ENTRY FEES (not covered by the club on this occasion):

$20 per person (regardless of whether you are playing either one day or both days)

Lunch is also available (Chinese takeaway with a bottle of water) for an extra $10 per person for each day


Please let Jason Tran (jasontran789@gmail.com) know which events you wish to participate in by Wednesday 11th October and bring your entry fee (and lunch money, if applicable) to either Jason or Alan.

If you wish to form a team, please let Jason know who your team mates are. Otherwise, the club can help to arrange a team.

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